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Item Form: Liquid
Brand: Restorative Botanicals
Age Range (Description): Adult
Diet Type: Vegan
Material Feature: Organic

Supports mood improvement, reduced irritability, sharper focus, relief for weary or injured muscles and joints and more restful nights.
USDA Certified Organic Hemp Oil Supplement manufactured in Restorative Botanicals state licensed, FDA registered, GMP certified facility from USA grown Certified Organic hemp plants and extracts. Third party certification demonstrates Restorative Botanicals commitment to quality and consistency.
Fast and Effective - Buy with confidence with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Best tasting natural chocolate, orange, cinnamon and herbal hemp flavors in edible and infused oil supplements, and best natural herbal scented topical creams, salves, and body oils. Restorative products include hemp oil extracts infused in various carrier oil blends and flavor profiles, Gummies, Caramels, soft gels, lozenges, relief creams and balms, body oils, functional mushroom and other adaptogenic supplement products.
For best results, use Restorative Botanicals functional adaptogen hemp extract blends over several days noting the improvements in mood, energy, focus, and sleep patterns while experiencing less discomfort from weary or injured muscles and joints. Use both ingestible products (infused oils/food supplements) and topical product (relief creams, balms and oils) at least twice a day to support systemic relief and improved homeostasis.

Restorative Botanicals High Strength Hemp Oil for Body & Mind Wellness - 1250mg

SKU: GHCS285103
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