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Item Form: Softgel
Brand: Nugenix
Age Range (Description): Adult
Recommended Uses For Product: Prostate Health
Number of Items: 1

Full Potency Prostate is the most advanced combination of prostate-boosting nutrients, including 4 trademarked, clinical-strength ingredients at the exact dosages confirmed in clinical studies
Our elite formula helps men control urinary frequency, improve urinary flow and bladder emptying, support healthy prostate function, and reduce nighttime bathroom trips for better sleep
Features Flowens cranberry fruit powder, Vi-spo saw palmetto extract, Phytopin pine phytosterols, and FruiteX-B calcium fructoborate to support normal prostate function and urinary stream
Unlike other formulas with watered-down ingredients and weak dosages, each main ingredient in Full Potency Prostate is backed by substantial clinical research and included at 100% clinical levels
Developed by the award-winning men’s brand Nugenix, Full Potency Prostate is the most comprehensive supplement for men wanting to promote a healthy prostate and urinary health as they age

Nugenix Full Potency Prostate Supplement for Men - Clinical-Strength Ingredient

SKU: GHCS285858
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