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Brand: Magnum
Item Form: Softgel
Primary Supplement Type: Multivitamins
Flavor: Unflavored
Product Benefits: Antioxidant

VITAMINS – Magnum’s PRIMER is a multivitamin for men and women. Easy to swallow, fast acting capsules take about 15 minutes to start working once inside the stomach. No harmful fillers, chemicals or artificial stimulants. Only ingredients your body needs and wants.
REAL INGREDIENTS – Made with natural antioxidant supplements like Green Tea extract, Ginko Biloba, Turmeric and organic Flaxseed oil. Key digestive enzymes help promote healthy gut bacteria and improved vitamin absorption for more energy and vitality.
BUILD YOUR BODY – Magnum’s Multi-nutrient pack is designed to give you everything you need in one convenient capsule. Our performance pack includes key anti-aging ingredients like vitamin-e, while other essential vitamins and minerals help control blood pressure and improve bone strength.
RECOVER & REPEAT – PRIMER is for everyone who likes to move – just a little or a lot! From bodybuilders to block walkers, Magnum’s multivitamin pack helps with improved muscle strength & recovery, reduced inflammation and improved cardio health.
DEEP SLEEP – A deeper, more restful night’s sleep is like a brain booster. PRIMER helps your body rest and relax at night with enough vitamins and minerals it needs for faster recovery, giving you lots of energy for a hard-core workout or just walking around.

Magnum Nutraceuticals Primer, Daily Multivitamin Supplement Pack 30 Day Supply,

SKU: GHCS286218
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