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Brand: GNC
Item Form: Powder
Diet Type: Vegetarian
Flavor: Unflavored
Product Benefits: Antioxidants

Men’s Multivitamin by GNC Earth Genius is a vegetarian multivitamin that helps support men’s nutrition by providing nutrients they may not be getting from their diet. This men’s multivitamin is crafted using ingredients derived from fruits, veggies and botanicals plus digestive enzymes.  Benefits: Features cultured vegetarian vitamins and minerals to support overall health.*
Contains antioxidants from a fruit and veggie blend, plus lutein to help protect against harmful free radcials.*
Includes Lycopene, found in tomatoes, to support heart and prostate health.*
Provides a digestive enzyme blend to support digestive health.*
Men’s Multivitamin by Earth Genius is a gluten free, non-GMO and vegetarian vitamin.

GNC Earth Genius Mens Multivitamin

SKU: GHCS286251
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