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Item Form: Capsule
Brand: Glaxon
Age Range (Description): Child
Recommended Uses For Product: Boost Energy, Stress Relief
Number of Items: 1

EFFECTIVE STRESS RELIEF: With everything you’ve got to juggle, keeping stress at bay isn’t easy. Having to hand in a report by 2, finish a presentation by 3, meet friends for drinks at 6, and tuck in the kids at 9 will catch up with the best of us. That’s where Serenity comes in. It acts as a stress-reliever by counteracting one of the main culprits behind anxiety and stress: cortisol. And it does this with a potent combination of phosphatidylserine, quercetin, and magnolol.
IMPROVE YOUR MOOD: You’ll be one of those people that belt out tunes in the shower. One of those people that have the nerve to walk into the office at 9 a.m with a genuine smile on their face. See, stress is a vicious cycle. More stress causes your body to produce more cortisol, which in turn leads to … you guessed it, more stress. This cycle goes on long enough and your mood and well-being end up taking a thorough beating. Serenity keeps cortisol in check to make your days that much brighter.
BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY: Serenity is more than just a stress-relieving aid, it’s a mind-sharpening nootropic supplement. Feel like you’re not as quick on your mental toes as you used to be? Struggle to channel your creative side? Have a memory that’s politely ghosting you? Serenity just may help. Every serving contains 120mg of ashwagandha and 100mg of L-Theanine. These two wonders of nature can help sharpen mental acuity, improve cognition, enhance memory, and bring back mental clarity.
ELEVATE PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE: So, you’ll be able to give stress the boot, get comfy in your happy place, and finally stop playing hide-and-seek with your keys. But there’s something else our cortisol balance supplement can help you do: give your endurance a proper boost! Elevated levels of cortisol can do more than just ruin your mood. They can cause decrements in muscle mass, suppress energy, and make your body more susceptible to storing fat. Regulate cortisol and performance shoots up.
PROUDLY USA MADE: It all goes down right in the USA. We source the finest ingredients Mother Nature can offer, recruit the services of the brainiest lab geeks around, and create supplements that you’ll want to rave about. If unlocking the true potential of your amazing body is your goal, Glaxon has everything you need to make that a reality. Sample our muscle-building, performance-enhancing, fat-burning, & body-nourishing products, and discover what you’re really made of.

Glaxon Serenity Stress Support, 63 Capsules, Cortisol Balance Supplement with A

SKU: GHCS286105
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