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Brand: Glaxon
Item Form: Capsule
Product Benefits: Brain Health Support
Age Range (Description): Adult
Package Information: Bottle
Unit Count: 60.00 Count
Number of Items: 1
Dosage Form: Capsule
Color: Blue
Material Feature: Caffeine Free

BEAT BRAIN FOG: Mental clarity in a can! Neuro 365 is for the busy professional looking to stay on top of their game. For the student looking for the mental resilience to excel. Our non-stimulant nootropic brain booster combines Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Bacopa, Rhodiola, and L-theanine to enhance mental performance. Nourish your brain and unleash the true power of your mind.
SHARPEN YOUR MEMORY: Your memory isn’t what it used to be? Forget names faster than a frat guy pretending to be helpful during Freshers Week? Neuro 365 just might help. It focuses on enhancing Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) and utilization of a protein called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). In plain English? No more playing hide-and-seek with your keys every single morning.
COMPLETELY CAFFEINE-FREE: No jitters. No crashes. No staying up way past bedtime using your laser-focus to decipher the meaning of life. We’ve kept our focus supplement for adults caffeine-free. This means a nootropic you can take at any time of day with confidence. Our science-backed blend of ingredients also helps to improve emotional balance, mood, and stress resistance.
SUPPLEMENTATION MADE EASY: No dealing with nootropic drinks or a nootropic powder you’ll have to mix. Simply take 3 capsules at one go or over the course of the day and unlock the power. For maximum absorption, we’ve enriched Neuro 365 with Lipidox. This absorption-boosting blend features Sunflower Seed Lecithin which helps improve the uptake of fat-soluble ingredients.
PROUDLY USA MADE: It all goes down right in the USA. We source the finest ingredients Mother Nature can offer, recruit the services of the brainiest lab geeks around, and create supplements that you’ll want to rave about. If unlocking the true potential of your amazing body is your goal, Glaxon has everything you need to make that a reality. Go ahead, discover what you’re really made of.

Glaxon Neuro 365 Stim-Free Nootropic Supplement - 90 Capsules - Caffeine-Free N

SKU: GHCS286096
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