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Item Form: Capsule
Brand: Glaxon
Age Range (Description): Adult
Material Feature: Plant Based
Recommended Uses For Product: Liver Support

COMPREHENSIVE LIVER SUPPORT: Your liver - it’s the underrated all-star that does a great deal of heavy lifting. Show it some love with Glaxon’s Liver Synergy. Our liver support supplement contains a mix of nourishing and protective ingredients that help your liver excel at what it does best - flush out toxins, ensure smooth lymphatic drainage, and chaperone you on those wild weekends.
EXTRA POTENT FORMULA: You’ve heard of milk thistle and its famed benefits for the liver. Now meet Siliphos - the patented ingredient in Liver Synergy that helps you get the most out of every serving. Siliphos is one of the world’s most potent forms of milk thistle. It combines the extract with phospholipids to create a highly bioavailable compound your body will absorb with ease. We also added ox bile to help further aid in digestion.
PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS: Your body relies heavily on sulfur for detoxification. That’s why we’ve included L-Methionine, N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), and Glutathione - amino acids that work as the main sulfur donors for the liver and double as powerful antioxidants to shield against free radical damage. Our liver supplement also features Picroliv from the Kutki plant for additional protection.
EASY TO TAKE: Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be a bother. We’ve included all the nourishing and protective ingredients in 2 daily capsules. Simply take them together in the morning or before bed. You can also split the serving and take 1 capsule morning and night along with your skincare routine. Whichever time works for you, keep your routine consistent for the best results.
PROUDLY USA MADE: It all goes down right in the USA. We source the finest ingredients Mother Nature can offer, recruit the services of the brainiest lab geeks around, and create supplements that you’ll want to rave about. If unlocking the true potential of your amazing body is your goal, Glaxon has everything you need to make that a reality. Go ahead, discover what you’re really made of.

Glaxon Liver Synergy - Comprehensive Liver Support Supplement with Milk Thistle

SKU: GHCS286108
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