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Brand: Glaxon
Item Form: Powder
Flavor: Strawberry Punch
Age Range (Description): Adult
Unit Count: 10.5 Ounce
Number of Items: 1
Dosage Form: Powder
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.5 x 3.5 x 5.75 inches

ELEVATE YOUR GAME: When you ask your body and mind to push past their limits, Goon Energy answers with game-changing energy! Every scoop contains caffeine anhydrous and theobromine that boost energy levels to help you bring your A game for hours. Whether you’re gaming all night, grinding at the office, or looking to put in a few more reps at the gym, Goon Energy’s got your back.
SHARPEN MENTAL FOCUS: Haven’t been feeling the same as of late? Dealing with productivity-pummeling brain fog and barely-there mental clarity? Goon Energy just might help. It works as a nootropic brain booster supplement thanks to VitaCholine and L-Tyrosine which improve alertness and focus. The enhanced focus also sharpens the mind-body connection so you can get more out of your day.
THE MEMORY BOOSTER: You’ve been playing hide & seek with your keys long enough. Goon Energy doesn’t just give you laser focus and a shot of energy, it also helps improve short-term and long-term memory. The secret behind it all? Brain Factor-7: a patented fibroin from silk that has been shown to improve memory and learning. Our nootropic supplement also has English Ivy Extract for heightened mood.
FULL ELECTROLYTE SUPPORT: Your body’s electrolyte balance can make the difference between reaching the finish line and giving up halfway. That’s why we’ve enriched our brain supplements for memory and focus with full-spectrum electrolytes to give your muscles what they need to thrive. Each full scoop provides 1000mg of Astrolyte Electrolyte Blend that’s packed with replenishing salts.
PROUDLY USA MADE: It all goes down right in the USA. We source the finest ingredients Mother Nature can offer, recruit the services of the brainiest lab geeks around, and create supplements that you’ll want to rave about. If unlocking the true potential of your amazing body is your goal, Glaxon has everything you need to make that a reality. Go ahead, discover what you’re really made of.

Glaxon Goon Energy - Nootropic and Focus Supplement, 60 Servings, Energy Drink

SKU: GHCS286100
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