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Brand: Glaxon
Item Form: Capsule
Product Benefits: Skin Hydrating
Age Range (Description): Adult
Unit Count: 200.00 Count
Number of Items: 1
Dosage Form: Capsule

BREAK THROUGH PLATEAUS: It’s the cornerstone of any muscle-building stack. The secret behind explosive power and jaw-dropping endurance: creatine. And we’re here to serve it to you in its most celebrated form. Dr. Creatine provides 3g of creatine monohydrate in each serving to take your performance to the next level and give you enviable muscle fullness. So, whether you lift weights, play sports, or love jogging, Dr. Creatine will treat you to a prescription that fuels gains.
MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: Make every capsule count! When it comes to getting the most out of creatine supplementation, timing is everything. That’s why we delivered our creatine pills in delayed-release capsules. Only 3g are needed per serving when bypassing the stomach and avoiding the loss to creatinine conversion that comes from the acid. The neutral pH and slightly elevated temperature of the small intestine create the optimal conditions to absorb as much of the creatine monohydrate as possible.
REDUCE GASTRIC DISCOMFORT: Being able to squat 6 plates without letting one rip is hard enough. The last thing you want is a creatine supplement upsetting your stomach. Lucky for you, Dr. Creatine is here to make peace with your stomach. By bypassing interaction with stomach acid, our delayed-release capsules avoid potential gastric issues and potential creatinine formation.
EASY TO TAKE: Are you one of those people that always forget to mix creatine powder into your smoothie? Never quite remember to include it in your shake? Creatine capsules were made just for you. Just pop 4 easy-to-swallow pills, step into the gym or get on the track, and start logging new personal bests. 3g per day (4 capsules) of creatine monohydrate will saturate your muscles in about 30 days.

Glaxon Dr. Creatine, Creatine Monohydrate in Delayed Release Capsules, Creatine

SKU: GHCS286091
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