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Brand: Glaxon
Item Form: Capsule
Primary Supplement Type: Multivitamins
Flavor: Unflavored
Product Benefits: Antioxidants

FILL NUTRITION GAPS: It’s hard to dot every i & cross every t when it comes to micronutrients. Even the most impressive of diets fall short. That’s where Daily Multi comes in. A single serving nourishes your body with full recommended daily value of 17 key vitamins & minerals. From Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 to other crucial micronutrients that will have your system firing on all cylinders. Plug these nutrition gaps & take your physical & mental performance to the next level.
ENRICHED WITH SHROOMS: Not the fun kind - the immunity-strengthening, nootropic kind. With this daily multivitamin for women and men, you don’t just get a serving of essential micronutrients, you get to enjoy the benefits of the most nutritious mushrooms on the planet. Daily Multi contains 130mg of the Supershroom Organic Mushroom Blend - a combination of 7 different mushroom strains, packed with potent beta-glucans, that are 100% organically grown in the USA.
RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: There is something else that makes Daily Multi special: the addition of Aztec Marigold extract. It’s no wonder this botanical was renowned by the ancient Aztecs. It packs an extra-powerful antioxidant punch to send free radicals crashing through the ropes. We’ve also added Arcofolin to our multivitamin - this extremely high-quality form of folic acid (Vitamin B9) aids in the production of red and white blood cells and promotes brain health.
ENJOY MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: Don’t settle for multivitamins that never make it to the finish line. We use DRcaps - a delayed-release capsule that bypasses stomach acid to deliver the minerals and vitamins right in the small intestine for optimal absorption. By bypassing the stomach, our delayed-release capsules may also reduce the risk of an upset stomach. Want to help your body absorb even more? Split the serving by taking 1 capsule in the morning with food and another one at night with food.
PROUDLY USA MADE: It all goes down right in the USA. We source the finest ingredients Mother Nature can offer, recruit the services of the brainiest lab geeks around, and create supplements that you’ll want to rave about. If unlocking the true potential of your amazing body is your goal, Glaxon has everything you need to make that a reality. Sample our muscle-building, performance-enhancing, fat-burning, & body-nourishing products, and discover what you’re really made of.

Glaxon Daily Multivitamin for Men and Women with Antioxidants and Cognitive-Boo

SKU: GHCS286120
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