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Item Form: Teabags
Flavor: Pumpkin
Tea Variety: White
Unit Count: 30.00 Count

100% Premium Korean Pumpkin Tea | Our Pumpkin tea is natural sweet tea bags made of selected pumpkin famous for anti bloating for women beat the bloat jut like korean corn silk tea
Natural Unbloat Hero | Rich vitamin A and Beta Carotine in pumpkin helps water away that its famous to dieters as skinny tea flat tummy tea flat belly tea tummy flat tea fit tea slim tea for belly fat
Everyday Teatox, Colon Cleanser | Pumkin tea is also known as blood detox tea colon cleanse tea they helps smooth moves of blood circulation and body flow by colon cleanse
0 Kcal Sweet Day Dreams Teatime | Pumpkin tea is natural sweet taste as sweet tea bags or caffeine Enjoy this sweet tea with your favorite dessert everyday with positive energy
DALAMHARI Korean Tea from Natural Superfoods | From oriental remedy we study natural way of drink. Meet our other collections too, Burdock Root Tea Fennel Tea Artichoke Tea Jujube Tea Bitter Melon Tea

DALAMHARI Pumpkin Tea Slim Fast | 30T | Skinny Fit Detox Tea 3 Ballerina Tea De

SKU: GHCS285214
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