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Flavor: Vanilla
Diet Type: Gluten Free
Unit Count: 34.24 Ounce
Item Weight: 2 Pounds

NIGHT DUTY: Premium slow-digesting native micellar casein meets restful sleep support so that you go to bed and your body goes to work
SLOW PROTEIN: Each serving of this dietary supplement powder features 25g of premium slow-digesting native micellar casein protein to help fuel your skeletal muscles
SLEEP SUPPORT: Workout. Zonk out. To help support a restful relaxed state after exercise, each serving includes 3mg of melatonin and 200mg of Suntheanine
P.M. BCAAs: Expertly formulated to include 5.5g of BCAAs, which play an important role in protein metabolism
BRUTE SCIENCE: Proven ingredients, proven doses, clinical quality, real science, real results

Beyond Raw ISO-Casein P.M, Vanilla, 2 lbs

SKU: GHCS286158
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